This is the spaghetti recipe for a classic family dinner that everyone enjoys. There is so many variations of the spaghetti and sauce as there is people and every family has their own favorite recipe. Some use fresh tomatoes to make the sauce, some use jarred, there is an addition of meat or vegetables, everyone has their own skin on this traditional Italian inspired dish.

This recipe is basic, very kid-friendly, easy to make and delicious. There is only basic ingredients in the sauce without and addition of onion and garlic since kids do not have sophisticated palettes, the easier the better in this case.

There is nothing better than a comforting, hearty plate of spaghetti and homemade sauce for dinner. Spaghetti and meat sauce are basically match made in heaven. Starchy, delicately flavored pasta is a great carrier for the robust, beefy, rich flavors of the meat sauce. This delicious tomato based spaghetti sauce is a winner, combining both tomato sauce and tomato paste for the rich flavor. I make it all the time and have perfected the recipe for the most rounded, balanced flavor.

This homemade meat sauce offers rich and exuberant tomato and beef flavors with silky velvety texture. The taste is multidimensional and deep and the result is fantastic flavor as long as you are willing to wait a little bit. It takes time for the flavors to meld together, almost an hour, but it is worth every minute.

The process of making the spaghetti recipe is very basic just follow simple instructions below for easy and tasty dinner for the whole family.