If you are looking for a festive and gorgeous cookie to add to your Christmas baking treat list you will be very impressed by these stained glass cookies. Irresistibly delicious and buttery sugar cookies are cut out into festive shapes and the center is filled with candy that melts into an even layer when baked, giving the cookies its distinctive stained glass look just the name implies.

I am not sure what is better the way the cookies look or the way they taste, because both are amazing.These unique looking cookies might seem like an ambitious resolution to bake but with this foolproof recipe they are actually effortless.

It all starts with a simple sugar cookie dough, that is chilled and rolled out, once that is done you cut out the shapes. I used big and small star shaped cookie cutter but you can use any cookie cutter shapes as long as you have both sizes to cut out the windows to be filled with candy. For the candy part I used Jolly Ranchers but you can use any hard candy of your choice. You will need to separate candy by colors and crush them to small pieces with a rolling pin.

The cookies look so pretty and appetizing on the plate and will impress even the biggest cookie snobs. You can even hang them on your Christmas tree or window for beautiful edible decorations. Just use a straw to make the holes for the ribbons before baking them.

Separate Jolly Ranchers by colors and place in ziplocks. Crush into small bits but not powder using a rolling pin.