With a miniature family of three I love the small batch cookie recipes. These salted caramel cookies are a perfect combination of soft, fluffy cookies, sweet caramel, melty white chocolate chips and savory sea salt to top it off. The best part is that the cookies are effortless to make. They come together in one bowl without having to use fancy kitchen equipment and softening the butter. Convenience at its best.

The result is soft, pillow like cookies with melty explosions of white chocolate on the inside. They are also crispy and chewy around the edges with decadent caramel sauce and sea salt sprinkled on top.

Heavenly balance of flavors and textures if you ask me. Sea salt really offsets the sweetness of white chocolate and caramel sauce, creating very harmonious flavor pairing.

To make the cookies is a piece of cake, the recipe is really easy on the brain, absolutely fuss free. Simply whisk melted butter and sugar together in a bowl, add the rest of the ingredients, fold in chocolate chips and drizzle made from scratch caramel sauce right before baking. No need to bust out the stand up mixer and minimal dishes to clean up afterwards as a bonus.

The cookies are always a huge hit and the amount is just enough to enjoy them and to move on to the next variety. This recipe makes around 6-12 cookies depending on the cookie scoop size.