With the bikini season rapidly approaching and the summer knocking on the door this easy chocolate chip protein cookies recipe is a life saver. It is sure to satisfy your cravings absolutely guilt free. It is filling, rich in protein, fiber and potassium. With just five simple ingredients, no sugar, butter or flour added this cookie is qualified to be a delicious power bar. This is one of the best protein cookie recipes.

Store bought protein/power bars are so expensive or usually have 50 hard to pronounce ingredients. This cookie is an amazing homemade alternative. It is delicious, naturally sweetened with bananas, high in protein from whey powder, high in fiber from rolled oats and there is also peanut butter and chocolate chips.

The ultimate winning duo of peanut butter and chocolate lends the cookies the stellar taste and make for one amazing snack.

And this whey protein cookie recipe is super quick and easy to make using protein powder with just a handful of ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. The ingredient list is not really flexible. Those cookies are not vegan because they are made with whey protein that is made with cow’s milk. This is an essential and not interchangeable item. Milk protein will dissolve within the batter giving the cookies its wonderful texture. While plant based proteins like pea or brown rice will absorb all the liquids making the batter too dry to bake. The riper the banana the sweeter the cookies will be, yellow with a little bit of brown spots are the best. I also like using creamy organic unsalted peanut better for the best results. And I love dark chocolate chips. Any oats will do except steel cut oats.

Grab a cookie for a quick on-the-go breakfast or enjoy one with your favorite show as an evening snack. All absolutely without having to worry about your waistline. The cookies are soft and chewy with a decadent burst of chocolate chips with every bite. And now I’m going to tell you how to make these perfect high protein cookies.