This is a healthy, Keto-friendly and low carb spin on a traditional Florentine cookie. It is also gluten free and is simply delicious. Classic Florentine Cookies are sweet biscuits made with nuts and fruits. Usually almonds and candied cherries melted with butter and honey and baked in the oven. They are then coated in chocolate.

Since this recipe is low carb and Keto I had to eliminate fruit, honey or any sugar. But I kept the nuts and of course chocolate.

Almonds are coarsely ground in the food processor then mixed with melted butter, molasses, heavy cream and sweetener concoction and then baked in the oven. Very quick and simple but the result is amazing, delicious cookies. Almonds really take those cookies to the next level, the taste of almost marzipan like without all the calories from sugar. The texture is light and crispy.

You can absolutely make the cookies with real sugar or honey of you dislike the taste of sweetener, they will be extra delicious but not Keto friendly anymore. You can also add aromatics like citrus zest or vanilla extract for an extra boost of flavors. Florentine Cookies can be served as a sandwich cookies with a layer of dark chocolate in between 2 cookies, or you can simply drizzle a little bit of melted chocolate on top of each individual cookie.

There are so many different variations of this timeless cookie but with the summer approaching I love how this recipe is so bikini friendly. You can enjoy this crunchy, airy, scrumptious cookies absolutely guilts free!