This is one of the oldest known cake recipes out there, first mentions of it dating back as early as the 6th century AD! Fascinating! And we are still using it today, that is truly a classic.

Genoise cake dessert looks extremely simple, just three ingredients, if we take the most basic recipe, and yet, in the process of evolution of culinary arts, it’s become a base for countless other desserts.

Genoise cake most classic recipe as we know it uses only three ingredients, sugar, eggs and flour. And the fewer ingredients, the more important is the process of prepping and cooking them if we want to have a truly perfect texture and taste.

The same goes for the ingredient quality. That’s why when I make this cake – even though I usually make it as a base for some other dessert or at least add filling and decor later, I try to pick some of the best ingredients.

I use free range large eggs, finest sifted cake flour and confectioner’s sugar. I mix the eggs and the sugar for a long time so that they become almost foam-like. I sometimes beat the whites and the yolks separately, it gives a little difference, but the classic recipe suggest beating whole eggs.

Since it’s mostly used as a base for more complex cakes, once it’s baked, you can decorate it to your heart’s content. The simplest way is cream filling and topping and fresh fruit and berries, but there are countless  other recipes out there!

Follow these simple instructions for the perfect genoise cake.