Bundt cakes are classy, everyone knows that. The bundt shape alone makes a dessert so elegant and you just want to have a slice.

This chocolate bundt cake with a fine note of coffee, rich with butter and sour cream simply melts in your mouth and is silky smooth. It will be absolutely impossible to stay away from it.

Because the cake is simple, one-layer piece and needs no assembly, nothing distracts from its own taste except the chocolate glaze, which, probably, only adds to the taste, I like to concentrate on the texture and the taste of the cake itself.

There are a few tips I’d like to share on how to make this cake even more scrumptious than it already is. First, I use coffee. And I don’t use instant to put in the batter, I brew strong, freshly ground coffee and use it as a liquid base.

The second tip is using cocoa powder as a wet ingredient. Because it looks like a powder, people often use it alongside flour. But the fast is, the cocoa powder dissolves, so I recommend counting it towards the dry ingredients, but dissolve it in the wet base. This way, the cake texture will be absolute silk.

If you want it to be more airy and puffy, beat the egg yolks and whites separately and then gently fold in the whites as the last ingredient.

This is it as far as the tips go, my last tip would be – indulge yourself!