The combination of chicken and Alfredo sauce is unbeatable, so why not put it in a lasagna. And to go even further it will be a fun spin on your traditional lasagna presentation. We are gonna make it in single roll ups that are perfectly individually portioned. No more messy unevenly cut lasagna squares. It just looks mesmerizing and tastes delicious.

Lasagna noodles are filled with shredded chicken and ricotta cheese and topped with creamy, savory made from scratch Alfredo Sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese and pungent parmesan.  Everyone loves creamy, cheesy, melty, buttery Alfredo sauce, it is pure heaven.

This sauce is used in place of the traditional bolognese sauce in this dish. You can make it yourself or use a store bought. I absolutely recommend spending some extra time and doing homemade. It just tastes so much better. And Alfredo sauce is a perfect compliment to shredded chicken and starchy noodles that soak in the luxuriously rich sauce.

It is an ultimate carb comforting dish and personal roll ups looks so pretty and fancy on the plate. It is a great dish to make if you want to really impress your company with this five star restaurant worthy meal. At the same time it is very kid friendly and will please almost any of your picky eaters, because what kid doesn’t like lasagna with Alfredo Sauce.

This lasagna is great to add to your meal rotation and just a nice break from traditional taste and look. And because the pieces are all individual this meal is very freezer friendly as well. Assemble ahead of time and bake half when you ready to serve and freeze half for later. Great life savior for a busy work week.