I want to share with you how to make chicken lasagna step by step. I love making this perfectly simple homemade dish when I am looking for some comfort in carbs. You maybe know a lot of chicken lasagna recipes. This cheesy chicken lasagna is everything you want it to be. Cheesy, creamy, satisfyingly filling.

It is one of the best cottage cheese recipes.

In flavor department it is however very different from you traditional classic Italian noodle dish recipe. Filled with fresh nutritious vegetables, protein rich grilled chicken and white creamy alfredo inspired cheese sauce this layered dish is simply irresistible!

Serve it alongside your favorite salad or other dish you love and this delicious dinner will rival a fancy restaurant meal but will cost you way less money and time. It totally takes a few minutes to cook this dreamy lasagna for dinner.

I love using leftover chicken in this great lasagna for a quick breezy step. Rotisserie, leftover baked chicken or even frozen cooked chicken that has been sitting in your freezer with no destination all work great.

Homemade white creamy sauce takes this casseroled lasagna to the next level. Everyone will be elated and inspired by the perfect balance of flavors. Layers of chicken, vegetables, noodles and white alfredo sauce are perfect compliments to each other. And what a great way to sneak some favorite vegetables into your kids dinner, they gonna love it so much they are gonna eat every slice on the plate and lick their plates clean! It’s the best chicken lasagna recipe!

It seems like this baked dish is very labor intensive but once you get a hold of the simple foolproof steps you will be assembling it in no time. Steps of this chicken lasagna recipe include making the homemade creamy sauce, creating the second cheese layer using cottage cheese, spinach and eggs, stacking noodles with alternating layers of cheese, vegetables and crispy chicken and baking it.

You can assemble this dish ahead of time and bake when you are ready to serve. It also freezes great for a quick weekday dinner when you are strapped for time. It can be frozen at least for month and it gives a possibility to cook it further anytime you feel you’re done.

This lasagna is incredibly tasty and has amazing flavor of cheese, veggies and baked or roasted chicken. It will not fall apart in your plate once cut but is never dry as well. It is simply amazing. I served it with salad at the dinner party the other day and all my guests were raving about it and went back for seconds. It was also no leftovers because this alfredo sauce lasagna is pretty big.