This delicious mashup of traditional Mexican flavors served traditional Italian way makes for a truly irresistible dish. Taco lasagna! My favorite Mexican food is tacos, I order them everywhere I go, and my favorite Italian dish is lasagna so why not marry those two together.

This recipe is an ultimate comfort meal. Cheesy and gooey goodness that is also extremely flavorful, no one could resist this mouthwatering lasagna.

This taco lasagna combines all the classic taco ingredients: beef, salsa, taco seasoning, tortillas and of coarse lots and lots of Mexican cheese. The cheese  is oozing out with every bite that you take of this yummy offering. I also add veggies such as onion, garlic and peppers just to freshen up the dish and balance out the richness and creaminess of the cheese.  Beans round up the complete list of Mexican flavors in this dish.

It can be served with your favorite taco toppings as well. Sour cream for a dollop of tangy creaminess, chunky  salsa fre a little piquant kick, sliced avocados or guacamole, fresh chopped cilantro for a beautiful pop of green or even marinated jalapeños for spicy food lovers.

It is very easy to make and takes just under an hour to have this filling and nutritious dish on your table. My recommendation is to use quality ground beef, like grass fed or organic. You can also substitute for ground turkey or even ground chicken for a guilt free meat indulgence. Same goes for a low-fat cheese varieties over a full-fat ones. I am also using flour tortillas instead of lasagna noodles but this dish tastes fantastic with both!

It is also very kid friendly, because lets be honest kids love lasagna and tacos!  What a great idea for a hearty middle of the week dinner. This carb comforting meal will please even the pickiest eaters! I hope you will love this recipe just like I do.