Lasagna is an ultimate comfort food. It is hearty, cheesy, filling and satisfying and truly a labour of love. You need to make homemade meat sauce, shred the cheese and boil the noodles. But the finished lasagna is worth every minute spent. It is delicious, oozing with melty cheese, carb comforting with starchy noodles and robust, stellar meat sauce. All of it layered together for a perfect balance of flavors and phenomenal taste.

Making the lasagna starts with cooking ground beef sauce  sauce from scratch. Sauce is scrumptious with exuberant and rich flavors of meat. You are gonna have to be patient because it does take a while to develop the depth and complexity of the multidimensional taste. About two hours. But if you wait long enough you will be rewarded with the most delicious, smooth, melt in your mouth texture sauce that is to die for. We are gonna start with building the flavors using aromatics like garlic and onion then adding ground beef to it.

Next go the fragrant seasonings like thyme, oregano and bay leaf and tomato paste. The sauce simmering away on the stove emitting the most taunting smell imaginable.

The cheese element comes from 4 different sources  of cheese. Cottage cheese is mixed with eggs and just a touch of ground pepper for an authentic flavor. There is also thinly sliced provolone cheese and freshly grated parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. As for the noodles we are using barilla lasagna noodles. You can pick from regular, no-boil, oven-ready, gluten-free or whole wheat depending on your personal preference. Each sheet is wide, ridged and sturdy to stand to the robust, rustic sauce and loads of cheese and is made from the finest durum wheat to bring the perfect pasta texture and flavor to your lasagne creation.