This Tuscan inspired recipe of vegetable lasagna with smoked mozzarella cheese and béchamel sauce is fantastic. The motto of tuscan cooking is to use simple but best ingredients and build their characteristic dishes on a savvy interplay of vegetables, cheese, pastas and fruity olive oil. Tuscans are masters at the art of understatement- their dishes are rustic and soothingly simple. This hearty lasagna is a concoction of noodles, zucchini, Italian take on béchamel sauce and creamy smocked mozzarella. The taste and the combination of flavors is heavenly.

Lasagna  is oozing with melty, smokey cheese and creamy, fragrant white sauce with sturdy noodles and delicate zucchini really balancing everything out. White sauce lasagna at its best.

Just a few simple steps like boiling the noodles, making the white sauce and sautéing the zucchini and assemble the delicious layers and you have an amazing meal that can feed an army. Italian version of  Béchamel sauce is infused with aromatics like shallots and garlic with an added savory and creamy element lended from parmesan cheese. This sauce is phenomenal and perfect to be soaked up with the sturdy noodles and pairs wonderfully with mild zucchini. You can also substitute zucchini for any other of your favorite vegetables like eggplant or summer squash.

This lasagna never disappoints and will satisfy the palettes of  not only the vegetarians but also the biggest carnivores. And this elegant and robust casserole is a perfect dish to feed the crowd. With just a few very  simple, inexpensive ingredients that come together to create this filling and nourishing dish vegetable lasagna with white sauce is truly irresistible dish.