This pasta recipe is a tasty spin on your classic Italian lasagna. We are using chicken meat instead if ground beef and Alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce. The combination of chicken and Alfredo sauce is unbeatable, so why not put it in a perfect Alfredo chicken lasagna recipe.

Everyone loves creamy, mozzarella and ricotta cheesy, melty, buttery Alfredo sauce, it is pure heaven. This sauce is used in place of the traditional Bolognese or tomato sauce in this dish. You can make this sauce yourself or use a store bought. I absolutely recommend spending some extra time and making it from scratch. It just tastes so much better homemade. And it is better for you as well, no added preservatives and sodium.

We are also gonna have a spinach layer in this one of the best lasagna recipes. Fragrant onions and chopped garlic sautéed with fresh spinach. This cooked spinach is a perfect compliment to the savory chicken or beef, carb comforting noodles and creamy rich Alfredo sauce of this lasagna. And let’s be honest we need to eat more vegetables.

This recipe of this noodle dish also includes such ingredients as your basic ricotta and mozzarella cheese lasagna layer. I prefer using full fat mozzarella cheese just to have even more flavor and cheesy goodness. I am using organic raw separated chicken breast chopped up into cubes, but cooked chicken, turkey, rotisserie chicken and even ground chicken all work great in this tasty lasagna.

This is a great make-ahead dish, assemble ahead of time and bake when you are ready to serve or freeze for later. It can be frozen for up to three months. So you can bake this frozen alfredo lasagna any time.

And it tastes even better the next day, noodles soaking in all the delicious flavors. This chicken lasagna with creamy alfredo sauce is a treat for your whole family, very tasty, hearty and satisfying. Everyone loves it, kids and adults, it is a great dish to bring to a work event or a family gathering. You can also make chicken alfredo lasagna roll ups cause they look even better then classic lasagna form. Pretty simple to make, this lasagna sure to be a hit. Hope you and your family would enjoy it as much as my family does.