Making delicious cheese lasagna is always a big deal. Let’s admit it, it is pretty labor intensive. There is always complicated prep of ingredients and tons of dirty dishes at the kitchen left behind to clean up. That is why my easy homemade lasagna recipe was reserved for special occasions. But not anymore. Instant pot lasagna (no pan) is so pleasant for cookers to make this tasty pasta layered dish.

Thanks to this instant pot lasagna recipe you can make this wonderful ultimate comfort food in no time at all.

Instant pot lasagna (no springform pan) is the same rich, tasty, cheesy, carb comforting goodness in every piece that everyone loves, including all the traditional italian lasagna ingredients like ground beef or Italian sausage, no boil noodles, ricotta cheese or cheese mixture, marinara sauce and freshly grated parmesan and mozzarella.

I highly recommend using high quality beef like grass fed or organic for a more delicate and complex sauce flavor in this instant pot lasagna with no springform. I also like using freshly grated cheeses in this noodles dish, but it is optional. Freshly grated cheese is way more aromatic and tastes so much better, it is fresher, creamier, lacks all the additives and preservatives, and it melts beautifully as well. And you will get a nice arm workout as a bonus.

I also quickly grind cooked beef mixture in a food processor just to achieve an overall better, smoother consistency without big chunks of meat. It just gives this dish a great uniform texture. This is an additional step that could be skipped if you are really pressed on time cooking instant pot lasagna without springform pan.

Also you can make a good homemade tomato sauce or use your favorite store bought marinara sauce. This fantastic lasagna also tastes awesome vegetarian, just omit the beef and substitute for your favorite veggies like zucchini, mushrooms and spinach.

This perfectly brown lasagna is scaled down to fit into the instant pot and I love it, it is a perfect size for a family meal, which means no leftovers. My picky eaters don’t like to eat the same thing two days in the row, even instant pot lasagna.

This mouthwatering instant pot lasagna will rival a fancy Italian restaurant dish but will cost you way less. And no need to wait for a holiday to have this filling and yummy offering. Instant pot lasagna sauce is quick and easy, which means very weeknight -friendly.