If you have not decided yet what you want to make for breakfast try this mexican breakfast lasagna. Who said you cannot have cheese pasta for breakfast? Surprise your loved ones on a weekend morning with this hearty and glorious breakfast oven browned lasagna bursting with bacon, ham and egg flavors. All the traditional breakfast staple ingredients are layered with lasagna noodles, cheddar cheese sauce and more cheese to create this simply irresistible and fantastic dish. The best part you can make this breakfast lasagna a night before and just bake the morning of. Very convenient.

This lasagna is just seeping bacon taste and flavors. The onions are sautéed in a residual bacon fat and the cheese sauce is made in the same cooking pan as well. And it is oozing with melted cheese. Swiss, cheddar, parmesan and American cheese all contribute to the most cheesy, gooey lasagna pieces. It is always a huge product hit with kids. Simple, basic breakfast ingredients work wonderful in a form of baked lasagna. Starchy noodles are sturdy enough to soak in the sauce and pair wonderfully with bold, smoky bacon and ham.

The oven is emitting the most taunting smell while the lasagna is baking, the hardest part is to wait for it to be ready. And once you cook it and get your hands on it it is so hard to stop eating and not overstuff yourself into a lasagna coma.

This pasta dish recipe is a special treat for sure. You are not gonna make overnight breakfast lasagna every week but it is a great splurge for once in a while. And actually treaty easy to make. Just a few simple steps and 15 minutes of prep from start to finish. Hope you enjoy this original breakfast idea as much as I do.