It is cold outside and what can be more soul and body warming then a thick, hearty slice of  homemade lasagna dripping with meat sauce and oozing with melty cheese, absolutely nothing if you ask me. This recipe for traditional meat lasagna is a show-stopper. It has been perfected to the maximum and is absolutely delicious. An ultimate satisfying and carb comforting dish that everyone will greatly enjoy.

It combines all the classic component of timeless lasagna: made from scratch meat sauce, ricotta cheese mixture and lasagna noodles. Meat sauce is made from all ground beef with an addition of fragrant herbs like fennel seed, basil and oregano which really amps up the flavors. I am taking a quick shortcut and using store bought marinara sauce and no boil noodles. I love oven ready noodles. It really makes assembling the lasagna an effortless and enjoyable experience. You do not need to deal with noodles slipping, then sticking, tearing and you wanting to give up on the whole thing and pitching it out the window. We are going to simply soak them in our ready meat sauce to evenly coat and ensure they do not dry out in the oven. They will end up cooking while the lasagna is baking soaking in all the wonderful, aromatic flavors of the sauce and cheese.

For the most appetizing and esthetically pleasing presentation it is important to let the lasagna cool off before slicing it in squares with a sharp knife. Top each slice with additional marinara and cheese and brown in the oven at 425 F until cheese is bubbling. This will make for a truly five-star restaurant worthy meal.