Once in a while I get tired from constantly eating meat and love a good, hearty vegetarian fare. This amazing mushroom baking lasagna is phenomenal. Just the mushroom sauce alone is to die for. It is filling, satisfying and comforting like a big warm hug in a form of a slice of browned lasagna. Delicious layers of starchy noodles, ricotta cheese mixture, mushroom sauce, grated parmesan and mozzarella cheese all come together to create this irresistible slice of lasagna.

I also throw in some thawed freshly spinach layers to boost the nutritional value and bulk up the mushroom sauce layer. And mushrooms in creamy sauce and spinach are match made in heaven, let’s be honest.

This lasagna with mushrooms is a labour of love, you boil the noodles, make the creamy mushroom sauce, assemble the whole thing and bake it at medium temperature. But this casserole is huge and can feed a crowd for sure. Perfect to make for a family gathering or a work potluck. And the best part it won’t break the bank. You get the maximum of taste with the minimum of money spent, this lasagna doesn’t need a lot of ingredients.

All the basic, inexpensive ingredients really work together to create this flavorful dish. It is also a convenient make ahead option, assemble the day before, leave in the fridge and bake when ready to serve. The leftovers are heavenly, I swear. After the lasagna has time for the the flavors to meld together and for the noodles to soak in the juices from the creamy mushroom sauce, cheese and spinach it tastes amazing the nest day, and the day after, if there is anything left.

This recipe is easy and no-fail. Just a few simple steps to follow and you have cozy, nourishing, tasty vegetarian lasagna with good flavorful sauce on your plate.