For all those of you who love apple desserts, here’s a great one. We are very used to apple pies and cobblers, but an apple-flavored cake is something I don’t eat very often. And yet, this lovely, puffy cake is a great piece.

The tartness of green apples, coated in cinnamon and sugar glaze and the dense cake dough make for a great combination and texture that you won’t find in any apple pies or cobblers.

I personally don’t make this recipe very often, but during the fall when apples are in high season and I have heaps of them at home, this is a perfect way of introducing something new and my family actually loves this recipe.

The secret to this recipe is that you want to take very crisp, hard, sour kinds of apple, such as Granny Smith. If you take mush sweet apples, they will overcook. For this recipe I add whole eggs, but if you want an extra-fine crumb for this cake, beat the yolks and the whites separately and fold the whites into the batter as the last ingredient before baking.

There are several ways to bake this and they will reflect on the cake texture: you can cut apples into small cubes or into large slices. You can put all the apples into the baking ban first and pour the batter over, letting it soak between. This way, you will have a heap of apple goodness on the bottom. Alternatively, do a layer of apples and a layer of batter, then repeat. This way the apples will be more evenly distributed through the cake. Good luck!