Don’t let the name fool you. This is actually a cake, and boy, it’s a fine one.

Boston Cream Pie is that kind of cake that can be easily made at home and it looks and tastes like you got it at a high-end bakery store.

It’s made of a regular yellow cake base, home-made custard cream and topped with a chocolate ganache and the combination is delectable. I prefer making this one from scratch, as it really accentuates the flavor, but to tell your the truth, I just enjoy the process a lot. It will taste very fine if you use off-the-shelf yellow cake mix.

The trick to this cake is the pastry cream filling. Other than that, it’s a pretty regular yellow cake and chocolate frosting. When you are making the custard, make sure you have enough time not to pause the process, as you will have to constantly stir and watch over the mixture so that it never boils.

Other than that, the cake is pretty simple to bake and assemble, and the result is most certainly worth the effort, as you will have a delightful vanilla flavor, and the custard will make the cake layers moist and smooth.