There are not so many vegan dessert recipes out there that don’t require a lot of fancy ingredients or don’t involve a complicated baking progress, so whenever I come across one, I cherish it and try to share this blue velvet cake recipe as widely as possible.

This blue velvet vegan cake with blueberries is one such recipe. What is blue velvet cake? It is a quick, simple, delicious dish, and if vegan food is your regular diet, you will find practically all the ingredients for it stalked in your pantry or fridge.

I also love the way it looks, the deep black-blue color of the cake and the contrast with white vanilla frosting is absolutely lovely to look at. And well, not to mention that it tastes delightful.

It’s also great that you can use practically any kind of non-dairy milk for this. I’ve tried baking this blue velvet cake with soy milk, coconut milk and almond milk and all the varieties tasted grand. To be honest, I love using coconut milk for frosting and coconut oil as a non-dairy butter version, because it give the frosting this lovely but unobtrusive coconut smell and flavor.

Also, I often use fresh blueberries for decorating, especially when they are in season. They look absolutely gorgeous on top of a white frosting and in perfect harmony with the deep blue of the cake dough.

Well, I hope you enjoy this lovely recipe as much as me and my vegan friends do!