Do you know how to make mango cake? What comes to your mind when you think of summer dessert? I always think of something light, which will leave a nice fruity aftertaste, something exotic and not to heavy in the calorie count department. There are a lot of mango cake recipes, and I`ll tell you about the best mango cake!

This layered mango cake fits all these criteria. It is eggless has no butter or heavy condensed milk, it’s not overly loaded with sugar, it’s moist and fruity in the most delicious way and it’s mango flavored – which is always a great bonus for me personally.

When mangos are in high season, I always try to make this cake with fresh ones – the best mangoes to me are the large yellow-green variety that are already evenly soft. But the fact is, I get summer vibes no matter the actual season so when I cannot access good quality fresh mangoes, I go with the canned slices or pulp.

The mango cake recipe is simple enough. You can use mango slices for decoration and a whipped cream topping, home-made of off-the shelf. The result is so delicious, it will have your mouth water all the while you are baking.

Mango cake decoration can be different, you can use whipped cream or berries.

I hope you enjoy this light and simple dessert as much as I do! Just follow the easy instructions below.