Plums are such a very underrated fruit. When a fruit or berry-based dessert comes to mind, most people think cherry pies or apple cobblers or citrus cakes, or something more exotic, such as mango or coconut.

This plum cake is a great fruit dessert, baked with fresh tender plums that get caramelized during the baking process and add a delicious tangy flavor and fruity moistness to the cake.

Plum cake recipe is perfect for coffee break or family lunch.

This is a great kid-friendly recipe for those young cooks who are big enough to switch from no-bake recipes to something slightly more complicated and yet aren’t yet up to complex cakes with fillings and a long assembly process.
Cherries, apricots and peaches can substitute plums in this cake, and yet, I specifically love the plum variety because plums are just so aromatic and delicious like no other fruit. I just love this recipe for plum cake.

For the spices, I use off-the-shelf pumpkin spice mixture, because it’s easier for kids. But you can also add all the spices separately. Generally, they are vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and, if you feel like it, a bit of ginger, fresh or dried and ground.

Try baking this cake with your kiddos and it will be a fun process and a great bonding time. A bonus – a wonderful cake that can be served with a scoop of ice cream or a dab of cooled whipped cream topping that you can enjoy together with your little ones.