This recipe is my Grandma’s. She always used to say that when she was little, food was rather austere and sparse, and if you had a chocolate chip cookie, you’d be lucky to have a couple of actual chocolate chips in your cookie.

Perhaps this is why whenever there was a filling to add to a dessert, she’d go bonanza with it. She’d put extra cherries on top of every cake piece and her raisin buns were chock full of raisins.

This is how I remember this chocolate chip cake being done by my grandma and this is how I make it now – I add all the chocolate chips that fit into it and then some.

I always add sour cream as a fatty base, because I really love the slight sour note it adds to the flavor, it’s a beautiful contrast with the sweetness of the chocolate chips. Although I prefer using semi-sweet chocolate chips.

If you are not a big fan of sour cream taste, you can always substitute it for melted butter or even milk. You can bake this cake in a bundt pan or in a regular pan, just make sure it’s not to big so that the cake is not too dry on the edges and underbaked in the middle.

It’s perfect to serve with coffee, as a sweet snack or a slightly fancy breakfast treat. Try it and see if you like it as much as I do!