This luxurious, mouthwatering, moist, creamy butter cake is all about butter. Kentucky butter cake recipe is one of those recipes fitness magazines will tell you ‘one time on the lips, lifetime on the hips’ about. But you know what? Sometimes the best way to deal with temptation is to indulge a little.

Nevermind the amounts of butter in this dessert, Kentucky butter cake is delicious. It’s simple to cook kentucky pound cake and takes little prep and bake time, and it’s my go to recipe when I really, really need something sweet and very, very buttery in my system.

I use farmers fresh unsalted butter for this cake, and I think that’s what makes it taste so good. I also highly recommend letting this cake sit for a day or even two, because this will let all the flavors blend and settle and it will taste just divine.

As the cake is very moist and soft, my advice is to use bundt pan, because this way it will bake quite evenly. Larger pans may produce a cake that’s dry towards the edges and still liquid in the middle and you don’t want that.

Have this cake with a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning and it will make you feel luxurious and pampered like few things ever do, especially at such a low cost and with so little time and effort.