>To be honest, I’m not a big friend of Instant Pot. If you ask why, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to explain, I’m just not. But once my friend stayed with us for a few days and she baked this Instant Pot and I’m telling you. I really did have to reconsider and Instant Pot now has some serious redeeming qualities for me.

A single-pot, low-pressure, easy to bake, chocolate cake, complete with fudge and berries? You had me at single pot. This Instant Pot Chocolate cake really is a tiny miracle.

I even went as far as getting a smaller cake pan to bake these puppies on a more regular basis. Yes, using an extra pan to place in the Instant Pot is a good idea as the batter may burn or stick to the sides to much and you will have problems extracting the cake.

Now, about the frosting. I’m using an avocado in this one! How about that? As ridiculous as it sounds, avocado is actually a very neutrally tasting fruit and using it as a mushy base for frostings and fillings has been a revelation to me.

Once you’re done, decorate the cake at your heart’s content. Use berries or mint leaves or rosemary sprigs, whatever you see fit.

I hope you have fun with this cute little dessert!