It’s really amazing what buttermilk does to desserts, cakes in particular. It contains a lot of milk acid, hence the taste, but when you bake a cake, the acid reacts with baking powder, emitting carbon oxide, which is the gas we all exhale. The bubbles of this gas make the batter much fluffier and it rises extremely well.

This buttermilk pound cakes is boosted by all the power of buttermilk. It doesn’t have its slightly sour taste, oh no, but boy, is it wonderfully fluffy and smooth. Made in a bundt cake pan, it’s just perfectly baked all through. Glaze it with your favorite topping or use this brown butter glaze.

This cake is one of the most delightful things to serve with coffee. It really does have a perfect texture and even though a simple vanilla flavor may sound boring, the reality is, it’s the simplicity that actually works for this cake and makes it great.

The browned butter glaze may also seem like a challenge, but in fact, it is not. Just follow the easy steps below to create a marvellous cake from scratch, topped with a creamy, sugary browned butter glaze.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. It really has a huge potential of becoming your favorite breakfast item.