I haven’t been cooking with matcha tea for a long time, but I have come to greatly appreciate this Japanese tea when it comes to desserts. Not only does it provide a very light, delicate flavouring, but it also adds an immensely awesome, natural, bright green color to anything, be it cake batter, pancakes, macarons, cream felling.

Looking like something fairies made out of fresh grass and sunshine, this matcha cake is delectable. It has a delicate fresh green tea flavor and combined with soft cream cheese filling it’s just something out of this world.

Matcha powder may be hard to come by in you only have regular grocery stores at hand and no Asian market. However, if you’re not opposed to online shopping, Matcha powder can be bought in a variety of online shops quite easily and delivered right to your house.

This matcha cake comes in a peculiar shape of a rolled up dessert, so when you bake it, make sure the dough is spread thin, so that it can be rolled afterwards. Of course, you can always go for a simple option of just spreading the frosting over the cake once it’s done, so the roll form is purely aesthetic.

Do keep in mind that matcha powder contains caffeine. Have fun with this cake and follow the simple instructions below!