Swiss Roll Cakes look very sophisticated. I’m not really used to this type of cake and I don’t make it very often, but sometimes a fancy strikes, and I go for this chocolate Swiss roll cake.

It’s really an unusual way for me to decorate the cake, but when you cut it, it looks exquisite. The fine, dark chocolate cake base and the fluffy off-white cream cheese filling create a stunning combo.

My secret to making this cake is making the dough base not overly thin and rolling it immediately after I remove it together with the baking paper first. This way, when the cake cools, it takes the shape of a rolled cake and then, when you roll it together with the filling, you will be able to deal with all the imperfections.

I usually frost this cake with chocolate ganache. It’s simple to make, I just melt a few chunks of chocolate or chocolate chips and mix with cream. But you can try for something more complicated.

The fact is, this cake can go very well even without frosting at all. Other options are condensed milk, sugar powder and almond shavings. You a combination of any. This cake is very decorative when cut and served with coffee or tea. Not to mention how delicious it is.

I hope you like it as much as I do.