Sour Cream is actually one of my favorite bases for cake making. The cream part makes the cake batter super smooth without packing too much calories (I usually use 10% sour cream). The sour part – well, the milk acid reacts with the baking soda and the carbon oxide, the gas we all exhale, adds the fluffiness.

This chocolate sour cream cake is perfect in every sense. It’s very easy to make, a good kid-friendly recipe. It’s very moist and fluffy and the fudge frosting adds richness to the texture and flavor.

I usually make this chocolate sour cream cake when I need to whip up something simple and quick for a big outing. Neighbor barbecue parties, kids activities at school. I never get any leftovers with it, it’s truly everyone’s favorite.

The making of this cake is so extremely easy, your kids will handle it by themselves, just make sure you help with the oven if they are still small. other than that, just follow the instructions below and have fun with it.

I simply sprinkle some sweet sprinkles on top and that’s it, but you can decorate it with whatever strikes your fancy.