This traditional Australian dessert is sold almost at every bakery corner in Australia. If you want to have an Aussie vibe, try making it at home.

Lamington’s cake is a messy piece of fun to make. It’s also simple and quick, so you can enjoy some bonding time with kids while making it. Soft sponge cake coated in a layer of chocolate and covered in coconut shavings. Delightful!

Like I said, it’s messy. But because ft that, kids will love making it. But, just so that they don’t have their hopes up too high for some sort of chocolate mud wrestling match, here’s a tip that will save your kitchen, their clothes and many other valuable items. Use the frozen cake to dip it into chocolate and then into coconut shavings.

Seriously, do it. This makes things so much easier. But as a result, you will have a lovely Aussie style dessert – and a relatively clean kitchen! Just do let it thaw before you eat it.

This cake is lovely with any hot drink, tea or coffee, or as a standalone dessert. I hope you have fun with it!