LIke its name suggests, this pound cake is the ultimate one. It’s the king of all pound cakes in my recipe book.

Moist, dense, crispy on top, buttery and smooth on the inside, this million dollar pound cake recipe creates the most perfect pound cake you’ll ever try.

Resplendent with vanilla flavor and creamy light yellow inside, this pound cake is a winner. With these simple single flavor recipes, it’s all about the flavor and the texture and be sure, this one be a burst of little flavor explosions on your taste buds.

There are a few tips to making this cake really stand out from the myriad of other pound cake recipes. First, make sure all your ingredients are room temperature. This way they will blend better. Sift your flour – this is important for the quality of texture.

Use good quality ingredients. Everything’s better be fresh. I recommend using free range eggs. Do not add baking soda or baking powder. This recipe is as traditional as it goes, and back in the day, batter was leavened with eggs only.

Now, all you have to do is follow the instructions below to create the most amazing pound cake ever! Have fun!