Chocolate cake is what comes to minds of many people when you ask them what’s their favorite cake is. It’s good for a variety of occasions and it never is a hit or miss situation. Everyone loves a good chocolate cake.

This chocolate fudge cake is an old fashioned, timeless classic recipe. It combines a moist and fluffy layer cake base and a good old fudge filling. Easy and fast to make, this cake is one of my regulars.

Oil and sour cream create a perfect rich texture in the cake and here’s a little tip. If you want this cake to be even more moist and chocolatey substitute some of the flour for more unsweetened cocoa powder.

Unlike many other cakes, when you bake this one and use the toothpick method to check the readiness, don’t wait till the toothpick comes out clean. Get it out while a few crumbs still stick to it for extra fudginess.

You can frost this cake with right about anything. My favorite option is chocolate ganache or chocolate cream frosting. As for the decoration, just let your fancy fly. I hope you have fun with it!