Today’s world is so multi-traditional and multicultural and I love that we have access to recipes from all over the world.

This Russian Honey Cake is a traditional Russian dessert made simple. Most Russian Honey Cake recipes require complex cooking in a boiling water bath, but with this one, you can have a delicious honey flavored dessert without much hassle.

The recipe calls for baking several (usually 8 to 10) thin honey flavored cake layers and soft as cloud sour cream filling which will soak the cake and make it deliciously moist and soft.

As far as multi layered cakes go, this one has been a blast to me so far. I have also tried making it with different types of honey and found that using various honey brands and flavors actually changes how the cake tastes.

The making process is pretty simple for both the cake layers and the cream. Just follow the instructions below. This honey cake keeps wonderfully in the fridge and I even recommend refrigerating it at least 24 hours before serving, because this way the flavors will blend all the way through.

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!