Are you a fan of Reese’s peanut butter chocolate candy? How about your favorite flavor in cake form?

This Reese’s Cake is a lovely blend of chocolate and coffee flavored cake and delectable peanut butter frosting. You can cover it with chocolate ganache and heap Reese’s pieces on top for decoration.

This cake is a great twist on a regular chocolate cake. The combo of peanut butter and chocolate is a classic in American cuisine. We have it in candy, in sandwiches, in many things.

When I first made this cake I was absolutely amazed at how good it tastes. Despite being quite a complex cake, it’s actually quite low cost, so you can seriously consider this option for occasions that call for a fancier dessert, but you don’t really feel like spending a lot.

This cake is made from scratch, so it’s best to use an electric mixer if you want to save time mixing and beating all the ingredients. You can still make it by hand, it’s actually not very hard, as you won’t have to whip cream or anything like that.

The amount of batter in this recipe is enough for 2 layered cake baked in a 9 inch pan. If you have a smaller 6 inch pan, you can use this amount to bake 3 cake layers and make a taller, smaller cake that looks exceedingly cute.
Here’s hoping that you enjoy this lovely recipe!