Has it happened to you that you were trying to do sugar cookies: rolls out the dough, and cut the shapes and end up with half of the dough sticking to the cutters and the unrecognizable shapes and you just want to abort the cookie making mission and pitch the dough out of the window. Well, fear no more. These sour cream cookies are not the difficult to roll out and cut cookies that require hours of rolling, cutting, baking, and decorating.

They are a soft textured sugar cookie made with sour cream. The texture is fluffy and melt in your mouth, very delicate. The taste is perfect and not overly sweet and simply delicious. And absolutely not challenging, no need to roll or cut out anything. Just simply make the dough, drop on the baking sheet with a cookie scooper or by heaping tablespoons and bake.

A luscious colored frosting and a few sprinkles is really all they need to make them even more special. The vanilla adds a beautiful undertone to the basic milk and sugar frosting.

Decorating the cookies is so much fun with my daughter. She loves to pick out different colors for fitting occasions and use sprinkles, cinnamon sugar or even crushed nuts. These cookies are suitable for virtually any occasion. They are simplicity at its best.