If you are a fan of a carrot cake you will definitely love these carrot cake cookies. They are everything you love about carrot cake but in a form of a cookie. The spice flavors with sweetness from the carrots and the soft, cake-like texture are the dominant characteristics of the cookies. They are bakery-style treats made in the comfort of your own home thanks to this amazing recipe.

I am personally a big enthusiast of hiding the vegetables and fruit inside baked goods. Zucchini bread, banana muffins and carrot cookies all are my favorites. What a delicious way to make your six years old get more essential vitamins and minerals from the fruit and vegetables. Not even taking into confederation that vegetables create the most moist and soft cookies ever.

Bursting with tons of flavor from the traditional carrot cake spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger the cookies make one irresistible treat that is always a huge hit.

The cookies are super easy to make. The most ever challenging part is may be shredding the carrots superfine. You need to make sure they will cook through in enough time. You also need to chill the dough since it is going to be pretty wet from the moist carrots. This way the cookies will not spread too much while baking. The cookies are great for any occasion, they are tasty and flavorful and the recipe is foolproof and no fail.