Fruitcake cookies are a fun spin on a traditional holiday dessert of fruitcake. The cookies are soft, chewy and buttery cookie dough filled to the brim with candies fruit, pecans and raisins with an addition of classic aromatic spices like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. These cookies are delicious and just thinking about them puts me into a holiday spirit.

They are traditionally baked for Christmas and are great for filling your cookie gift baskets with. The taste is fruity and the texture is a perfect combination of soft, chewy and crunchy. Soft, fluffy cookies, crunchy pecans and chewy candied fruit really work harmoniously together to create a truly irresistible cookie.

The ingredients that go into the cookie dough are pretty basic, including the candied fruit that should be widely available at any grocery store around the holiday time. I love the rainbow of colors that the candies fruit gives to the cookie, it is fun and festive.

The cookies have a pretty long shelf life and are a great make ahead choice, especially of you are planning to ship them out to your loved ones as holiday gifts. I always make an extra batch and send them to all my fruitcake cookie loving friends. So put on some Christmas music and get to baking!