Lace cookies are delicate and elegant creations just like the name implies. And you might think one would need some magical baking skills to make them but the truth is they’re actually a breeze to make. So don’t let that airy, floatable texture and lace-like bubbles that form on top of the cookies as they bake fool you. The cookies are buttery while being light and crisp and packing a powerful flavor punch. The sugary batter spreads out into round cookies and caramelizes just a bit. And that caramelized flavor is simply heavenly.

The cookies are also very beautiful and the oven is usually emitting the most taunting smell while they ra baking. And you will be very surprised to know that the process of making the cookies is effortless.

The batter is mixed in one pot with just a spoon and that these are actually simple drop cookies. Yes you drop rounded tablespoons of batter and bake for 10-12 minutes.These fancy treats loaded with tiny holes on the top can be enjoyed by themselves or you can layer them with chocolate or ganache for delicious sandwiches.

With just a handful of ingredients like like butter, oats, sugar and flour , you most likely already have what you need to make them in your pantry and fridge. They are really great for any occasion be it a baby shower or just a Wednesday night.