If you are looking to broaden your sugar cookies repertoire try these delicious old-fashioned Amish sugar cookies. With melt in your mouth texture they are perfectly sweet and are great for any occasion. The cookies can be enjoyed in their pure simple form or rolled in sugar and decorated with sprinkles. Whatever suits the occasion or your personal taste.

The secret ingredient to the best texture is using oil together with butter. I use canola oil, but any mild vegetable oil would work. An overnight chilling is a must step in achieving best results.

It helps the flavors meld and the gluten settle. I also like using a cookies scoop so that all the cookies would be ta uniform size whisk is more esthetically pleasing. I usually dip the glass in oil before pressing down on them to flatten them out. Simply find a flat bottomed glass. and the key is to press just until the edges start to separate slightly.

Sugar cookies are simplicity at its best. And the fun part you can jazz them up to m are them as elaborate or as simple as your heart desires. They are heavenly with a glass of milk or tea or coffee. And everyone loves them, kids and adults. They are also very easy to make with a few simple steps.