With just three simple ingredients these cookies are the perfect example of clean eating. They are low-carb, sugar-free and gluten-free also Keto, paleo and vegan. There is absolutely no sacrifices in the flavor department. Peanut butter is potent and rich with a deep nut flavor, powdered sweetener is not overly sweet, eggs bind everything together and we completely omit any flour or flour substitute. You can absolutely make the cookies without eggs swapping them for ground chia seeds.

The texture however can be tricky. Bake the cookies too long and you will end up with crackers, under bake them and they will be super soft and need to be eaten immediately or within the first day. The solution is to remove the cookies from the oven when they still look soft. They will firm up while cooling and become soft and chewy and simply irresistible.

Bakery quality they are just slightly soft and melty on the inside with slightly rubbery texture. I love the dominant flavor of peanut butter in the cookie since there is no flour. But you do not have to use it if it is an issue. Almond butter or cashew butter are great alternatives. If you wish to keep it nut-free you can use smooth sunflower seed butter or creamy soy nut butter. Also make sure to use confectioners (powdered) sugar-free, low-carb, Keto sweetener for the best results and texture. The granulated version of sweeteners could still be palatable in the baked cookie that I am not a fan of.

These cookies make a great refueling snack. Grab one for a quick pick me up when you need to lift the energy levels. The balance of protein and fats is ideal, and no sugar so you would never have to worry about sugar crash.