This recipe for the chicken dipping sauce is definitely my daughters favorite. She loves going to Chick-Fil-A and having this sauce with her little nuggets. But as a health oriented mama I am not keen on fast food restaurants. So I had to recreate the sauce making my own copycat recipe with a couple of twists.

Chick-Fil-A sauce is a creamy, slightly smoky, sweet sauce with a little tang. It is delicious, but who knows what goes in it. This recipe for the chicken dipping sauce is phenomenal, hitting all the same taste and flavor notes with basic, clean ingredients. Just five fridge and pantry staples like mayonnaise, bbq sauce, honey and mustards, yellow and dijon go into the sauce and since you are making it from scratch at home you can use all the organic stuff if you wish.

The sauce is absolutely versatile. It is a delicious take on honey mustard but not nearly that sweet, really balanced flavors. It is wonderful with chicken but can also be used with shrimp, fries, burgers or even vegetables you name it.

And super kid friendly, they can not get enough of it, they will basically devour anything in sight when it is served with this sauce. I usually make boiled or grilled chicken and serve it with the sauce. And my daughter never even mentions her nuggets.