There is a bounty of chocolate chip cookies recipes out there. But this amazing brown butter chocolate chip cookies recipe really stands out to me. It is heavenly delicious. The cookies are soft and perfectly chewy with melty chocolate chips and that intense nutty butter flavor from the browned butter. They are sure to wow even the pickiest cookies eaters.

Brown butter is the not so secret ingredient that makes these cookies so special. It is a regular butter that is cooked in the pan until brown. Milk protein separates and sinks to the bottom of the pan, those particles are responsible for the nutty, earthy intense flavor of the butter.

The butter is then cooled down to its solid form and creamed with sugar for the most floatable, airy texture.The center of the cookie is filled to the brim with melty, divine chocolate. Soft, melt in your mouth in the middle and chewy around the edges, the cookies are best when still warm and freshly baked straight out of the oven. Taste divine when dunked in a cold glass of organic milk. The ultimate comfort food, a warm hug in a form of a delicious cookie.

And to top it all the cookies are sprinkled with sea salt balancing out the sweet and salty flavors as a perfect finishing touch. This recipe is sure to become your family’s favorite.