Everything homemade always tastes better. It might be easier to buy a package of Nebisco famous wafers but so much more fun to make them from scratch yourself. This recipe for the chocolate wafers is effortless and foolproof, the wafers come out perfect every time and ready to be enjoyed on their own or used in other desserts.

The cookies are thin, crispy, very light with rich, deep chocolate flavor from the cocoa powder, they are addicting. You can enjoy them as is with tea or coffee or crumble them to create pie and cheesecake crusts or turn them into ice cream sandwiches or icebox cakes. They are also great accompaniment for fresh fruit and berries, making for a beautiful, colorful dessert. They are divine when served with freshly brewed espresso or cappuccinos. Something you would fine in a fine dining restaurant as a dessert topper or in a fancy coffee shop.

With the taste that is irresistibly buttery, the delicate wafers are airy and iridescent. Making them thin might seem challenging but is actually very easy technique called slice and bake.

You roll your homemade cookie dough into a log and chill it. After 2 hours, the dough will be cold enough to slice into thin rounds. Simply place the rounds on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake them for just a couple of minutes. Can not get easier than that.