Making sugar cookies with total icing could be intimidating at first and seem like a form of eleborate art. But trust me nicely decorated and appetizing looking treats are easily made in the comfort of your own home with this simple technique recipe under your belt.

Royal icing is a hard icing that is slightly sweet and made from powdered sugar, egg whites or meringue powder, and flavored with vanilla, lemon or whatever suits your palette.

The icing hardens to an edible candy-like shell and is used to decorate cut out sugar cookies. There is two main consistencies used, a piping consistency to outline the cookies borders and a thinner flood consistency to fill it in.

The ingredient list for this royal icing is ridiculously short: confectioner’ sugar, meringue powder and water. The real circus trick is to land a perfect consistency of the royal icing. It can be easily done by simply manipulating the water/confectioners’ sugar ratio. Add more or less of either ingredient as you beat your icing with a blenders whisk attachment.

With this easy recipe the whole process of decorating becomes effortless and simply fun and the icing is ideal for both flooding and outlining the sugar cookies. Once your icing is ready to go, you need to transfer it to a piping bag or ziploc bag to be used for decorating your sugar cookies. Making the sugar cookies is also a breeze by creating the simple dough in the mixer, rolling it out, cutting out the shapes and baking in the oven.