Italian rainbow cookies are gorgeous layered cookies that look like an Italian flag. Scrumptious, almond flavor cookies are layered with apricot and raspberry jams and topped with chocolate glaze. These cookies will cost you a fortune at the bakery. With this amazing recipe you can easily make these bakery worthy cookies from scratch in the comfort of your own home.

The cookies also called Neapolitan, Venetian and Try-color, but however you choose to call them they are jaw-dropping, gorgeous cookies that are loaded with flavor. They are also very fitting to use as Christmas cookies since green, yellow and red are Christmas colors as well.

The cookie itself is spongy and soft, almost cake like with intense almond flavor thanks to the almond paste . It is sandwiched with bold raspberry and apricot jams creating a very esthetically beautiful and delicious cookie. It is also coated with a seventh layer of divine chocolate. The cookies are so vivid and colorful and look extremely appetizing on the plate, almost too pretty to eat.

To make the cookies is truly a labour of love. That is why I save them for very special occasions or when I really need to impress somebody. You need to bake the different colored layers of sheet cookies, assemble them with layers of jam, create chocolate glaze and spread it on the top and bottom. But in the end it is worth every minute spent, because you are rewarded with gorgeous, absolutely delicious treats that are extra special.