How many eggless pancakes recipes do you know? Eggs are such a universal binding agent that it’ almost hard to imagine how to make certain foods without eggs and keep their texture the same. And yet, if you are allergic to eggs or vegan, you have to, otherwise, diversity of the menu will be a problem.

Pancakes are the food that is cooked really quick with basic ingredients so the binding agent has to work instantly. Eggs work great, but if you can’t put eggs into the pancakes batter, you’ll have to do with something else.

I’ve tried numerous eggless pancake recipes over the years and I have to say, some work better than the others. If you’re baking pancakes with whole wheat flour, it has a lot of gluten and that alone acts as a good binder. Making a sort of bready batter with yeast (you basically make a regular bread dough, but add more liquid) is also a good option.

But eggless pancakes recipe is rather time-consuming. One thing that acts like a good binding agent is a bit of vegetable oil. Melted butter is another, but you can skip that or use vegan butter, if you need a vegan option of these pancakes.

I always recommend that for pancakes, but especially so for these eggless ones – make your batter the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight. This way, the dry ingredients will blend in with the wet ones really well, and the binding won’t be a problem at all. You can see this eggless pancake recipe is quite simple.

These pancakes are great with just about any pancake topping you can think of, just pick your favorite. I enjoy them with fresh fruits like bananas, maple syrup, greek yogurt and fresh berries like blueberries when they are in season. Good luck with this recipe!