There are many ways to make familiar foods healthier. This is especially true about pancakes. Using various grains, gluten-free, vegan or paleo-friendly options, you can sneak in a ton of fibers, fruit or even veggies. Even the kids don’t mind this as long as it’s pancakes!

These oat flour pancakes are a great variety of healthier pancakes. Oat flour contains quite a bit of healthy fiber. It also has a lot of nutrients and elements that help your digestive system work better. When you eat oat anything for breakfast, you’re in for an extra kick start for your day.

Besides, those babies are gluten-free and they feature a nice amount of carrots and parsnips, so there’s a legit veggie serving in them you won’t have to tell the kids about.

The one thing that must be noted when cooking these pancakes is this. It is very possible to go over the top with the veggies, and this will ruin the flavor and the texture. So, even if it’s you best intention to make the veggie serving as large as possible, it’s best to keep with the recipe. By means of trial and error, I have understood that it’s the case.

Other veggies that do great in this recipe is grated zucchini and chopped green onions. For the latter, however, I would recommend savory toppings such as plain cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Other than that, the recipe is pretty simple, you just mix everything together and fry in a skillet pan or in a pancake griddle. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!