When summer is in full swing, I start craving seasonal foods. I love corn and the fact that there’s corn flour and cornmeal and you can make things with them that vary in texture and flavor. 

These corn pancakes are made with cornmeal and fresh sweet corn and they are absolutely delicious. I really love cornbread, and having something like it in a form of pancakes, topped with my favorite syrup, for breakfast, is absolute delight.

The good news is, cornmeal comes in degrees of coarseness, so you can really play with your texture. The slightly less good news is that if you like coarse cornmeal, for pancakes, you’ll have to soak it in milk overnight or boil it first till it’s soft, because pancakes take a very short time to fry and dry coarse cornmeal simply won’t have time to soften. You might end up with a feeling like you’re eating grainy sand. 

But if you’re using fine cornmeal, you should be perfectly okay. Apart from the texture, the corn flour offers a very distinct flavor which I love. And if you combine it with fresh sweet corn, honey or maple syrup, it’s delicious beyond imagining. 

I also like to drizzle mine with a bit of lemon juice, the way they eat pancakes in England. Somehow, with this particular recipe, lemon juice really does it for me. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe! Just follow the easy steps below for a lovely summertime breakfast.