Growing up, I always loved these delicious homemade breakfasts which included my favorite golden brown German pancakes (sometimes they are called Dutch Baby pancakes though). Usually these are just baked vanilla pancakes. The core ingredients of this easy to cook delicious breakfast are eggs, flour, milk and powdered vanilla. To make them even more appetizing you can top them with some syrup, powdered vanilla sugar or other toppings. These German pancakes can also be a good dinner or a quick dessert in case you have unexpected guests. Trust me, this simple puffy pancakes recipe is absolutely fantastic. They are simply the best! You won’t be disappointed!

So, let’s get to cooking! Put 5 tablespoons of butter into your pan and let it heat up in the oven. By the way, your pancakes will puff up more if you use a metal pan instead of iron pan. While the butter is heating get working on the batter: blend together milk, flour, eggs and vanilla until smooth. You may also want to add a little salt for a richer taste or some sugar to make them sweet. It’s possible to add coconut, almond or any other type of vegan milk. If you want to make these pancakes truly vegan replace the eggs with bananas.

Once the oven is heated, put the batter on the melted butter. Now, watch carefully and bake your pancakes until the edges are golden, usually it take about 25 minutes. When the baking’s finished you may serve these perfect for breakfast warm pancakes. Don’t forget to sprinkle them with syrup or powdered sugar. Also many people like this dish served with ice cream, fresh berries or fresh squeezed lemon. The topping is totally up to you!