These homemade fluffy grain-free pancakes are a perfect vegan diet option. They’re healthy, easy to make and you can even mix the double amount of dry ingredients to make them later. You can store the mix up to three weeks so don’t worry if you’re leaving your family for some time – they will find something tasty to eat. Because of their simplicity, they are a nutritious and cheap breakfast for the whole family. Actually, you can keep the pancakes in the freezer and just heat them up in a busy morning for the best easy and quick breakfast or even lunch or dinner. It won’t take much time to make this perfect tasty meal.

There are several ways of making these incredible gluten free pancakes: fluffy or thin. To make fluffy soft pancakes you’ll need buttermilk and eggs. But in case you want them to be thinner, you can use a flax egg and milk. Still, be very attentive and try to follow the main simple recipe when you first make them. You’ll be able to change this version of pancakes recipe when you get the main principle.

As I’ve already said, the cooking process is very simple and doesn’t require much skill. Take a large mixing bowl and mix the dry ingredients: salt, baking soda, gluten-free flour, sugar and cinnamon. You can store this mix for later, just put it in a glass jar and write the date on the lid. When you’re ready to make pancakes mix the wet ingredients: an egg, some buttermilk (or milk with 1 teaspoon of white vinegar), and oil (avocado oil is the healthiest option). Add wet ingredients and stir until combined.

Heat up a medium size pan, put a quarter of the batter on it. Cook until you see bubbles on the top, then flip and cook for 1 more minute. Continue doing the same with the rest of the batter. Serve hot. These delightful pancakes go very well with fresh berries like strawberry, fruits, syrup, chocolate or whipped cream. You may add any fresh berries you like in addition to strawberry. Enjoy!